December 20, 2019

good bye

They say it's hard to say hello, 
I feel I can't say good bye.

I don't know when I will get to see you again,
but I know I have so many things to tell you

Still, I just leave. 
I just leave feeling confused, 
why I didn't say how much I am going to miss you

Why I didn't say, how nice it is to be with you.
Why I didn't say, that I don't want to leave,
and kept hoping that you will ask me to stay

The last memories of me you will have will be of our parting,
but did I make it something you can cherish?

In the rush of planning the next moment how I miss to live the now.
I could have said this, done that, is the only repent which stays

Hellos are important and so are goodbyes
Make your Hello cheerful and good bye warm.

Because from where we end, from there we start again!


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